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Hancock Co. officials need equipment after near-fatal grain bin entrapment


Hundreds of people have died after getting trapped in grain bins while working, and one Hancock County man almost lost his life that way two weeks ago.

Now, officials want the life-saving tools that saved him in the hands of local emergency responders.

Witnesses say it took about an hour just to get rescue tubing to Carrol Farm near Carthage to save Joe McAndrew, and that's why officials in Hancock County say they need more tubing available when an emergency strikes.

The rescue tubing was what helped save Joe McAndrew's life late last month when he was trapped inside a grain bin, while trying to unclog it.

CGB Plant Manager Seth Scanlan owns this life-saving tool and was able to get it to the scene so emergency crews could save him.

And now, Scanlan is making it his mission to make sure more departments have these tools in case disaster strikes.

"Time is the essence when it comes to something like this and if the fire department has it on their trucks, you know once we get it to the fire departments and they have it on their trucks, the important thing is the training is what they need," said Scanlan.

This is how the rescue tubes work. They lower the sections of the tube in the grain bin, piece the sections together around the victim, and the victim then pulls himself up using handles inside.

Carthage Assistant Fire Chief Dirk Tweedell says the most recent rescue has showed his department how critical it is for rescue teams in rural areas to own them.

"All you had to do is be there to see what was going on and to see this young man after he got out to know what he went through and that pretty much convinced people that those things are pretty much worth whatever anyone wants to charge for them," said Tweedell.

Officials at CGB and Crop Production Services are planning on buying one of the $2,500 rescue tubes for the Carthage Fire Department and they hope to have more in the county in the future.

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