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Softball bonds West Hancock mother-daughter duo


(WGEM) -- West Hancock's undeniable success in softball this spring has come by way of pitching, hitting, and team chemistry.
Included in that is the head coach and her secret weapon who share more than just a love for the game.

A typical mother-daughter relationship is not centered around athletics.
But for Lady Titans head coach Gena Dewald and her daughter, junior Allison Dewald, softball is a unique bond that brings the two together.

"I've played with her in almost every sport. Softball, she's been there all the way since I was growing up. It's not like high school has really changed much because I'm so used to it," Allison explained. 

According to Gena, "It's been good. She's a great kid and I couldn't ask for better on my part."

The road as has been paved with adversity especially when others dismiss Gena's coaching decisions as favoring Allison.

"There were rough times the past years," Gena admitted. 
"But at home, you just don't talk about those things. You deal with that, you keep it at home, and you work from there. I tell Allison to keep working hard." 
The challenges the two have battled has only strengthened their ties.
And Coach Dewald makes a point of pushing Allison to her limits.

"I feel like sometimes she picks on me in practice. But that's OK because it just makes me better," laughed Allison.

Gena added, "She needs to work on everything. She works hard and that's what makes it easier for me."
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