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Record number come out for Bridge The Gap race in Quincy


A record number of people ran and walked over not one, but two bridges in Quincy Saturday morning for the Bridge The Gap 5K, 10K, and half marathon.

And while it was a great workout for many, organizers say the real reward is going to the people this race helps out.

Angela Gilbert and her friends were gearing up to take on the Bridge The Gap race along with about 2,000 others Saturday morning on Quincy's riverfront.

It was Gilbert's first time and she says the unique terrain of the course would be challenging.

"I've done some other 5K's with them, but nothing with bridges and hills. Pretty much flat roads, so it's going to be a big challenge for me," said Gilbert.

And Gilbert's friend Mary Gares has participated before and agrees that this race is quite the endeavor.

"Running the bridges, and hills are a challenge," said Gares.

The race is called Bridge The Gap, but organizers say it's not because of the two bridges that walkers and runners encounter, but it has a deeper meaning.

"Over the past 12 years the race has helped leverage over $11 million for prescription medication for people in our community," said race director Carrie Kimber.

Kimber says they've done this by raising money for the Quincy Catholic Charities Medassist Program.

"The Medassist program works with the people who fall through the cracks. It's mainly the working poor in our community. It's families who don't necessarily qualify for federal assistance. They're both working, but they need the assistance because they're forced to choose between food or medication," said Kimber.

And Kimber says no matter if participants walked or ran, everyone benefited.

"Not only are people getting out there and doing things for themselves and their own health, but they're also getting out there and helping people in our community," said Kimber. 

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