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Hannibal residents shocked by storm damage


People are waking up and surveying the damage of Monday night's storm in Hannibal.  From Palmyra Road to Highway MM, the one consistent thing a lot of people will do is begin the cleanup process. 

After the storm ripped through Hannibal, residents like Deborah Kelley came out to start cleaning right away.  Kelley lives off Palmyra Road where you can see trees all over the road, damaging cars, or even completely uprooted.  Something Kelley said took her completely by surprise. 

"I drove through Joplin and I mean this is nothing compared to Joplin but this is pretty scary.  Because I never thought this could come through Hannibal.  We've had some high winds and tornadoes come through before but I've never been through something like this," she said.  

Kelley has more concerns than just trees being blown over.  Power lines have snapped all over the city, and Kelley said she's concerned others may fall over.  

"As muddy as it is right now with the wind, it wouldn't take much for them to get knocked over. I'm just glad there are no houses underneath them."

While Kelley's house wasn't damaged, the same can't be said for Mike Saxbury's home.  He said when he first got into the basement, he thought this was just another bad storm.  

"A lot of the rain and everything hit the neighbors roof and I knew then there were gonna be some shingles were going to be gone, some siding would be gone or something to that affect.  But I wasn't expecting trees to be gone," Saxbury said.  


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