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Insurance claims on the rise as Hannibal assesses damage


A lot of those limbs unfortunately found their way into people's houses and on top of cars, which is causing many people to file claims.  Insurance experts said they've already received hundreds of claims within the last 24 hours.  

Trust GDC President Richard Minor said if a tree hit your house or car and you have insurance, you can file a claim, but if there's a big branch in your yard, that's something you have to take care of on your own.  It looked like an all or nothing scenario in Hannibal Tuesday, either a tree missed your house or car or there was significant damage to both.  

"Then we came upstairs and saw what the kitchen looked like and that was the icing on the cake right there," said Muriel Weathers.  

This is the damage in Weathers' kitchen after a tree in his backyard was uprooted and fell on top of the roof.  He said right now there's about four feet of insulation sitting on his kitchen floor.  Weathers was one of the hundreds who filed a claim. 
"Oh it would be really bad if we didn't have insurance because I mean just a rough estimate I would say in the neighborhood of twenty to twenty five thousand dollars worth of damage," he said.  
Despite the damage coming from straight line winds and not a tornado, Trust GDC owner Richard Minor said the cause of the damage on homes or vehicles isn't a determining factor when it comes to coverage, and he expects claims to continue to come in for a long time.  
"You may get something say maybe it's a month down the road but all the sudden the roof's leaking and then they go up and find maybe a limb hit their roof and they didn't even see it at the time," Minor said.  
While Weathers knows there's a lot of people that need to have an adjuster come out and look at their losses, he says waiting for his home to be fixed isn't easy. 
"I wish they would've started on it especially taking that limb off the roof and I wish they had it started but they couldn't get to the job just yet so I'll wait until they call me and tell me they'll start taking it off," Weathers said.

Weathers' said he is also without power and says he doesn't expect to be able to move back into his home for at least the next 3 to 4 days. 


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