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Hannibal Residents trying to get everything back to normal after storm


Crews are working for a third straight night trying to get another substation online after Monday's powerful wind storm.  But how much longer until things are back to normal? Here in downtown Hannibal, residents say they're starting to see more people shop in the area as they try to get everything back to normal.  However, some say it's going to take a few days before they can even begin to consider things back to the way they were.

"It's pretty tough.  I'm still beat because I went over to my parents house, they got power back early on and the first night I slept over there but I haven't got back into the same rhythm since," said Maxwell Hoke who had his power restored Tuesday night.  
Hoke said he's still shocked by the amount of damage in Hannibal 48 hours after the storm. He said he's very thankful to have the power back on.  
"I feel very fortunate. I was expecting it to last a little bit longer but I'm really happy that it's back on, it's nice to get back to normal," he said.  
Lulabelle's head chef Bill Moore says the storm has actually brought more people into the downtown area, and into the restaurant as well. 
"Business has been usually at dinner time you know with the people not having electricity and everything, people are coming out and having dinner because they don't have gas or electric to prepare any food," Moore said. 
Many parts of the city are still dark. Looking across Mark Twain Avenue, you can see some businesses have power and others don't.  Crews continue to work to restore power to residents like Shilo Ledbetter and her son.  She knows after a storm like this, it's going to take a while until the city is back to normal. 

"It's going to probably take a few more days, maybe a week or so but it could've been a lot worse, and I'm glad it ain't," she said. 

While power has been restored here in the downtown area, Heath Hall with the Board of Public Works says the primary areas still without power are the homes and businesses East of McMasters up to 8th Street and along McMasters, which is Highway 61, from Broadway to Hannibal LaGrange University.


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