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Local Doctor: Don't Cut Corners When Cleaning Up Debris

It's certainly been a long couple of days for those impacted by Monday's storms.

And with local disaster relief efforts and neighbors helping neighbors, there are going to be a lot of busy days ahead.... and probably some bumps and bruises.

Dr Jonathan Wilford says it's important to take those things seriously.

"Sometimes cuts can be deeper than we think and they may require stitches," said Wilford. "And especially when we're using our hands to be grabbing that kind of stuff. there are a lot of vessels nerves tendons."

Wilford says you shouldn't cut corners when it comes to your safety gear. If you help out, he says to make sure you have it on.

"If people are jumping into help out without gloves or without the proper equipment or without steel toed boots. Things like that. If things get dropped you could break your foot," said Wilford.

If you've had a tetanus shot within the last five years, Wilford says you should be ok. But if you don't remember when that was, it's time to go see a doctor.


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