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Quincy Public Schools, QPD investigating allegations of sexual assault at QHS


The Quincy Public School District and Quincy Police Department are investigating allegations made at Wednesday's school board meeting that two female students were recently sexually assaulted at Quincy High School.

"I've had kids in Quincy Public Schools for over 16 years and I never was afraid to send them to school and now I have that fear everyday," Sonia Brink said.

Brink told the board that her daughter was sexually assaulted and harassed on May 3 by a male student that followed her down a hallway and forced her into a restroom.

Brink said she reported the incident to school officials and filed a report with the school resource officer. She says she's been frustrated at the district's response and says other students have come forward since.

"I said, ‘Do you know if this happened to anyone else?' And she said, ‘Yeah mom, it did,'" Sonia Brink said.

Another parent who has stepped forward making claims is Debbie Brink, who says her daughter, a cousin to Sonia's daughter, was assaulted three weeks prior to the alleged May 3 incident.

"She had been walking after a tutoring session and had been pushed into the boy's bathroom," Debbie Brink said.

Quincy Public School Board President Stephanie Irwin said the allegations at the high school have been investigated, but did not elaborate on any details.

"Immediately upon notification of the incident, Quincy High School staff and the Quincy Police Department fully investigated the incident and a report was filed with the State's Attorney.  Because this incident involved a matter of student discipline, the Board was not in a position to respond in a public session," Irwin said in a public statement issued Thursday.

No arrests have been made following the allegations. Sgt. Jeff Grott with the Quincy Police Department says  that any possible arrests in an investigation simply take time.

"Sometimes you have one party saying something happened and another party saying it didn't happen, you've got nobody to dispute that," Grott said.

For the two parents making the public allegations, they say it's not an acceptable response.

"(Police) said it's just a ‘he said-she said' incident and I said, ‘How can that be?' and (Police) said, ‘Because there's no cameras in that hallway and there's no witnesses,'" Sonia Brink said.

Erwin said the district has continued to improve security in school buildings, including installing 48 video cameras, with 64 more planned for the summer, along with implementing restricted public access to the buildings.

"In addition, we have staff and security visibly present in the hallways during passing periods at Baldwin, Junior High and Senior High," Erwin said.

Both mothers say they just want to see change so this doesn't happen to anyone else.

"There's going to be a lot of girls there that may not be safe in those hallways," Debbie Brink said.

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