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Construction on Ward street in Macomb underway


The streets of Macomb are undergoing a major overhaul.

And that means smoother streets are finally on the way for Macomb drivers.

It was two years ago that voters in Macomb approved an increase in the city sales tax to help pay for street repairs on Ward street between Jackson and Adams.

And finally this week construction began on that project, one that residents are happy to see.

Crews were hard at work Thursday digging up old pavement and replacing underground pipes on Ward Street.

The project won't just replace old streets, but it will add new sidewalks and sewer system as well.

While the noise and blocked off streets may be an inconvenience for residents, many of them welcome it with open arms.

"Everyone is excited in town, it's overdue, it needed to be done, and we're just happy it's finally going to get done," said Laura Leezer.

"We're just excited it's going to be updated and the residents here are going to have a nicer place to live," said Ryan Robinson.

Macomb isn't just improving Ward Street, crews are also tackling Carroll Street.

In fact, Mayor Mike Inman says about four major street projects are underway this summer, totaling close to 4 million dollars worth of improvements.

"They all came in under engineering estimates, so we're saving some money so to speak there for yet other projects to be completed hopefully to be completely more quickly and with additional savings as we go ahead," said Mayor Inman.

Mayor Inman says construction on Ward and Carroll is expected to be complete by the end of this summer.

Inman says the city plans to completely re-build East Street next summer as well.


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