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Storm damage means more business for Hannibal body shops


The power is coming back on, tree limbs are being cleared away, now it's time to fix dozens of damaged cars in Hannibal.

For some families, they lost their only way to get around when fallen trees and limbs smashed their vehicle, and body shop owners expect to see more storm damaged cars coming in in the coming weeks.

Monday night's storm completely damaged Natalie Delaporte's car, after a branch hit it, breaking the back window and denting the top.

Since her car isn't driveable, Delaporte's depending on friends and family to get her to her job at Java Jive.

And She says she's getting advice on how to handle the situation mother nature has put her in.

"It's a lot of talking to my dad because he's done this before. And getting help from friends and just trying to make the best decisions," said Delaporte. 

 Delaporte's car is just one of about half a dozen in Bowen's Auto Body's lot.

However, owner Les Bowen is expecting around 20 more to come into his shop.

"Usually we run a week, week and a half or maybe two weeks tops ahead, but we've definitely scheduled out a week or two farther than normal right now," said Bowen.

Bowen says the damage from Monday's storm is much different than hail storms in previous years.

"Hail can be very expensive to fix but the damage is small. Where this here, the dollar amount can be substantial too but you definitely see the impact from the damage to the wind and the trees," said Bowen. 

And Delaporte says she's still staying upbeat despite not having a car and she says she's seen many other people in her situation.

"And to see that other people had so much car damage too, it made me feel like I'm not alone," said Delaporte.

Bowen says a lot of people are deciding to just get new glass installed to make their vehicle driveable, and they're waiting to get the other damage fixed at a later time.


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