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The struggle continues for Hannibal residents still without power


The struggle continues for hundreds of families still without power in Hannibal.

It's been four days since the wind storm hit, and patience is starting to wear thin for those without electricity.

Jim Nash was at his home Friday morning, but he's going to have to make another trip to Quincy at night.

He's been staying in a hotel all week because he needs electricity for his medical condition.

"I need a BiPap to sleep.  Without power I'm out of here for evenings," said Nash.

Across the street, LeKea King says she bought groceries right before the storm hit, but had to throw all of it out because it went bad.

"Now I'm all out and have to start all over again so I don't know how we're going to do that, but we'll make do," said King.

King says her family has resorted to cooking hot dogs on a small charcoal grill and going out to dinner, something she says isn't cheap.

"That's getting expensive. So more eating out than anything," said King.

Hannibal Board of Public Works Communications Director Cindy Livesay says all six substations are running, but now the problem lies within individual neighborhoods.

"It's more detail-oriented. It's a lot harder work. What they're doing is they're going in and finding still some broken poles and still finding branches on the wires," said Livesay.

Livesay says after each specific job, crews usually restore power to 15-20 customers, so with almost 500 people without power, it could still be days until everyone has electricity.

King hopes her lights come on soon, because she's getting a little stir crazy without power.

"Sitting around staring at four walls is getting a little tiring after a long time," said King.


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