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Mississippi levee workers race against the clock


Commissioners with the Indian Grave Drainage District say it's a race against the clock as they try to build up the levee before the mighty Mississippi rises even more.

Commissioners say this time around, they're hoping the use of machines will help speed up the process.

"This is a big job. It takes several days to get prepared for this kind of a flood and we just haven't had the time to prepare this year," said Commissioner Davis Shaffer.

More than 2 dozen workers were out on the levee Thursday afternoon, laying down plastic and stacking sandbags they had stockpiled from last month.

The majority of the volunteers were Unity High School football players. And, for some, the threat of flooding hits close to home with many of their families owning land just beyond the levee.

"It's flooded many times," said Football Player Kenton Gronewold. "There's been a couple times were a lot of farmers have lost everything in this here land. It's pretty bad."

Shaffer says it could take 7 to 8 days to completely finish levee preparations.

The Adams County Chapter of the American Red Cross was also on hand Thursday afternoon providing meals for levee workers.

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