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Heavy rains causing trees to uproot


All week heavy rain has been wreaking havoc on tri-state basements and city sewers.

And now it's taking a toll on trees.

Dozens of trees across the area have uprooted because the ground is just too wet.

Thursday night, two Locust trees off Holiday Drive in Quincy, came right up out of the ground even taking the roots with it, because the saturated ground can't take the weight anymore.

And homeowners say they've never seen anything like it before.


"When we came out this morning, we got this," said Sondra Beilstein, a Quincy residents who had a tree uproot and collapse on her house.

"My husband had gone to bed, and I was sitting in the room, and it made a really loud noise, but it was louder than what I thought would be thunder or lightning," said Beilstein.

The Locust that landed on Beilstein's house also caused another tree right next to it to uproot as well.

"Once the one side went then the other side went because there's nothing to stabilize the root ball," said Larry Brumbaugh a certified arborist with Brumbaugh Tree Service.

Brumbaugh says his crews have responded to multiple incidents like this in the past few days.

"You have added weight from the rain, and then you have some wind, you have unstable ground, that's a bad scenario," said Brumbaugh.

Brumbaugh says trees that have thicker foliage are more likely to uproot right now.

And while he says thinning your trees could help prevent losing a tree, there is one thing You shouldn't do.

"Topping it is a bad scenario because that actually promotes more growth and it makes the tree thicker, so down the road it will catch more wind," said Brumbaugh.

Although Beilstein did lose a tree, she's just happy she didn't lose more.

"Thankfully it didn't land on the house enough that anyone would have gotten hurt," said Beilstein.

And Brumbaugh says with more rain on the way, it's very possible we could see more trees uproot, as it will take a while for the ground to completely dry out and firm up.




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