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Slick streets put drivers at risk for hydroplaning


Heavy rains continue to soak city streets across the tri-states.

And now tire experts are warning you to be careful because it's conditions like this that put you at risk of hydroplaning.

If that does happen, experts at Delta Tire say don't over-correct, just try to steer straight.

Also, don't slam on the breaks, lightly apply pressure to slow down.

But there are some things you can do before you hit the road that could prevent you from hydroplaning.

"The first thing we need to check would be your air pressure, and how warn the tires are, and then the main thing is just to slow down, and just make sure you have good tires on your vehicle, that's the main thing," said Peter Steinkoenig, with Delta Tire.

Here's another tip for drivers, stay in the tracks of the driver ahead of you, that will put you at less of a risk to hydroplane.

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