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Theme for "Fishing for Freedom" is overcoming adversity


A little Mississippi River flooding didn't stop this year's Fishing for Freedom organizers from holding its third annual event.  Despite moving locations to lakes instead of the river, this year's event was the most popular. 

Veterans were amazed when professional fisher Clay Dyer got out his fishing rod like everyone else on LaBelle's lake despite being born without arms or legs.  Veteran Michael Cosper said Dyer spoke with them last night on how to never give up, something Cosper says resonates with everyone.  

"I think our wounded warriors see him at the odds he overcomes and the attitude he has and I think it helps them.  I mean it has to, he's an inspiration to anyone," Cosper said.  

And you won't hear Dyer making any excuses. In fact he traveled to the Tri-State area so he could do his part in helping veterans. 

"You know we're all just about giving back just about anything I can do to help these guys realize how they can overcome adversity in their life and it's all about my thanks to them for their ultimate sacrifice for me," he said.  

Cosper said the amount of appreciation he and other veterans receive is something special.  

"It's unbelievable. Just the love and support we get from the locals in this area and the people who drive in to take care of the veterans, it's just unbelievable," he said.  

As soon as noon hit, everyone made their way to the Oakley Lindsay Center to weigh their fish, and Veterans say this has tremendously grown. 

Fishing for Freedom Chairman Bob Havermale says the amount of people who have participated in this event has doubled since the first year it started.  But even he admits he didn't know if this would be a go because of the severe weather in the recent weeks."

"We're always concerned. I mean 2 weeks ago we were looking at it and it looked like the river would be absolutely perfect for this and of course mother nature comes in and we just adapt, it's what we do," he said.  

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