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Civil War Reenactment Weekend Concludes With a Bang

Cannons boomed and guns fired - but it wasn't an actual battlefield.

Today marked the conclusion of the Civil War reenactment held at Lake Pittsfield.

And the event concluded with a battle between the Union and the Confederates.

Over the weekend, the participants stayed in tents and dressed up like people during the Civil War era.

Jon Austin, a historian and re enactor who has been going to this event since 2007, says he and the other actors just share a passion for this event.

"We're all avid historians not necessarily professional historians. We have doctors and dentists and lawyers and trades people (and) farmers. All of us just share an enthusiasm for the subject."

Austin says the re enactors hope they spark an interest with the kids who then could become the next generation of re enactors.

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