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BBB: Scammers Targeting Vacationers


Tourist hot spots are crawling with vacationers and if you're getting the urge to go, experts are warning you to beware if you're looking for a deal online.

The BBB says scammers take pictures of homes posted online and then use them to create their own fake listings.

Travel House of Quincy President Mecki Kosin says you need to make sure that address is real.

"I have heard of somebody traveling somewhere and then the hotel wasn't even there," said Kosin. "You had a booking there. You can't find the address. The address doesn't exist. So what are you going to do then?"

Tim Kopp is vacationing in Hannibal from Phoenix. He says someone recently tried to scam him in an email.

"Too good to be true type stuff," said Kopp. "Had one the other day. $199 roundtrip tickets plus the hotel in Washington D.C. and there's no way that's gonna be without strings attached and questions about the whole thing."

Kopp says he always stays in the same hotel chain to help avoid a scam.

He says where he lives near Mexico, he sees a lot of people get scammed going into Mexico on a vacation.

Kosin says to avoid getting scammed, you should do your homework.

"They have to do a lot of research," said Kosin. "Trip Advisor or anything like that. They have to check the destination. They have to check the different hotels. You can go through a chamber of commerce or a Better Business Bureau, but you have a lot of legwork to do."

The BBB has some tips to minimize the risk of being scammed with a vacation rental:

Use a credit card. Never a check - you don't want to share your bank account numbers.

Compare the price against other area rentals to make sure the price isn't really too good to be true.

And make sure the address is real.

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