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Five acts left in "The Voice" semi-finals


(NBC NEWS) - "The Voice" is down to the semi-finals.

The final five singers performed Monday night, trying to earn America's vote for a spot in next week's finals. The results will be announced live tonight, beginning at 7 p.m. on WGEM.

As the competition's drama has grown, so has the bond between the contestants as rivalry takes a backseat to growing friendships.

"I can't even think about competing against them any more, because everyone's so good," says Sasha Allen. 

And while the singers' solo performances are what earn America's vote, contestants also have to prepare for group performances.

"We're putting on a show every time we do this. It's not just a competition.  If one of us isn't thinking about it in that way, the energy will dip or get weird, so we're pulling together to make the best show possible," says Michelle Chamuel.

But even a great show will still end tonight with someone going home.

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