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Storm debris cleanup continues in Hannibal


Monday night marked three weeks since a violent windstorm swept through Hannibal and the cleanup is far from over.

The city of Hannibal brought in Timberline Tree Services on Monday to start picking up the debris left on the curb, some logs as large as 20 feet long.

They're starting with the heavily affected neighborhoods around Grand Avenue, Palmyra Road and Center Street, but will work around to other neighborhoods in the coming days.

City officials say if they wouldn't have hired the outside company, clean up may have lasted into the winter.

"This is basically just getting rid of the bigger stuff for our city to get back in and pick up the smaller piles and try to get back to the things they normally do everyday," Brian Chaplin, Hannibal Project Manager, said.

You can still drop off storm debris at the South Main Street drop-off site near Washington. And the Hannibal Fire Department has lifted its burn ban in city limits. Residents are still reminded to follow city guidelines and rules when it comes to open burning.

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