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Another phone scam sweeping through the tri-states


A Quincy woman is warning you about another phone scam hitting the tri-states.

So what's this one about, and who's being targeted?

The Publishers Clearing House will give a million dollar prize to some lucky winner later this month.

Unfortunately, thousands of people will be fooled by con artists pretending to be Publishers Clearing House and Monday WGEM spoke with one Quincy woman, who was almost scammed.

Mary Doan says around 12:30 Monday afternoon, she got a call from someone posing as a representative from the Publisher's Clearing House, saying she won $250,000.

The caller, who Doan says had a middle eastern accent, then asked for her bank information.

But after Doan refused, the caller hung up.

And now she wants to warn other residents about the scam.

"If you give them your number, they can probably look up your social security number in some way, all the information is on the computer, and then all they have to do is get your account and then they can have the money wired to them," said Doan.

According to the Publisher's Clearing House website, all prizes of $500 or greater are awarded by either certified or express letter or in person by their famous prize patrol patron.

Officials at the Quincy Police Department say scams like this aren't uncommon this time of year, and go in cycles.

If you think you may have been targeted, call police immediately.

And if you can, officials at the Quincy Police Department say to try to write down the number the call came from.

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