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Quincy sprays for mosquitoes for first time this year


Complaints about Mosquitos in Quincy have city officials taking action Tuesday night.  Crews began spraying neighborhoods and should have the whole city covered this week.  However, the city is changing its routine on how to go about getting rid of as many mosquitos as possible.  Officials said sprayers will be out as late as four in the morning in Quincy this week, but they'll only spray for three nights.

That's a change from last year, when they went until 2 am, but sprayed over four days.  Applicator Jim Winston said the spray has to physically touch the mosquitoes to kill them.  Right now, Central Services has 250 gallons of the chemical on hand and uses about 15 gallons each night.  Operator Duane Barnes says the department could be spraying more than last year. 


"As dry as it was last year, it wouldn't have been as many as what they would've had this year with all the wet weather we've had," Barnes said. 

City officials say they only spray in neighborhoods where there have been complaints about mosquitoes.  The spray isn't a hazard to your health.  Conditions also have to be ideal to spray and that includes calm winds and no rain. 


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