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Quincy Public School District to overhaul student discipline policies


The Quincy Public School District is completely re-vamping its discipline policies after school officials say behavior issues continue to be a problem.

Superintendent Steven Cobb says the district continued to see problems with student disruptions and disrespect at school.

He says in an effort to make the discipline policies more uniform, the district is re-vamping each school's handbook.

But Cobb says one of the biggest issues, is truancy.

"It's sad for me as a superintendent when I hear that we have students that sometimes have missed 40-50+ days of school. I mean that's a major issue. And some of it is due to attendance, and some of it is due to discipline issues in the school," said Cobb.

And Cobb says changes will not only need to come from the district. He says in order to get a better handle on the issue, he needs help from parents and the community.

"Whether it's the community side, the mayors office, the business community. We're hoping we can set up a round table where we can have all these people in a forum and start discussing the issues, because what happens in education impacts the community," said Cobb.

Cobb hopes to have the new discipline polices approved by the School Board within the next month.

He also encourages the public to attend the district's discipline committee meetings that take place on Tuesdays at 2 p.m. at the Quincy Board of Education Office.

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