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Local financial experts: Beware of overdrafting


Local financial experts are warning you to keep a closer eye on your bank account.

NBC reports a new study reveals on average Americans shell out about $225 a year in overdraft fees.

Mark Schlipman with Grimm-Schlipman Financial Group recommends signing up for low balance alerts on your account.

Also, think of your bank account like your car's gas tank. Don't just put money in, when it's nearly empty. Try to have at least 3 months worth of expenses saved up.

But the biggest thing Schlipman says to do, is to stay away from automatic bill paying.

"So your credit card automatically gets paid off every month, and you forgot that you charged 'x' amount of dollars a couple of weeks ago, instead of having $400 a month coming out, maybe you have one month where it's $700 and if it's automatically being taken out that can be a problem," said Schlipman.

Schlipman also says instead of using a debit card, use a credit card.

He says the instant deductions of a debit card, can be hard to keep track of, making it easier to overdraft.

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