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Clock is ticking on downtown Hannibal Building


The clock is ticking for one Hannibal downtown building owner.  Ron Richter, who owns 213 Broadway, has 40 days to demolish the building or else it could be up to the city, but he may not even have that much time.  If nothing happens in the next ten days, the city will go back to court and hope to find Richter in contempt, clearing the way for the city to do an emergency demolition.  Building Commission member Tina Bartz says this has been an issue since 2002, but she said it would be better for the city if it was taken care of by the owner.

"I feel that if he did it himself it would be better for us. That way the city isn't out of the cost at the beginning for the demolition.  If the city does have to bring the building down, then a lien would be attached to the owner," Bartz said. 

Bartz also said a recent report suggests the building is stable right now but won't be able to stand for a long time.  



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