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Illinois road group seeks tax tied to gas cost

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) - Illinois transit advocates are proposing a plan to fix the state's deteriorating roads through a new tax that would raise the price at the gas pump, The Associated Press has learned.

The Transportation for Illinois Coalition says the $800-million-dollar-a-year plan is necessary to get a toehold on needed repairs to roads, bridges and rails.

The influential group is pushing legislation to replace the current 19-cents-a-gallon motor fuel tax with a 9.5 percent wholesale tax. It would add about 14 cents to today's price of a gallon of gas.

Coalition co-chairman Doug Whitley laid out the plan for the AP in advance of making it public.

The proposal would also increase vehicle licensing fees.

Bill Fleishli of the Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association says the fuel tax would hurt business.

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