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Threat of flooding on Highway 61 could hurt firework business in Alexandria, Mo.


Imagine you're a small business owner and the road that most of your customers use is closed for weeks.

Well, that's been the case for some businesses along 61 in Alexandria, Missouri not once, but twice because of flooding.

Now, with the threat of rising river waters again some business owners are worried about another shut down.

Warhawk fireworks off of 61 in Alexandria, Missouri is open for business and they have hundreds of fireworks in stock.

But a salesman inside says if flooding closes down 61 it could cripple their business.

"Ones that have a really big boom and go high up and sometimes roman candles and different kinds of fireworks," said Tyler Cochran.

Those are some of the fireworks Cochran wanted to pick up at Warhawk Fireworks in Alexandria, Missouri Thursday morning.

"This is a really good place to buy fireworks, they're usually reasonably priced," said Cochran.

But salesman Alan Nelson says there haven't been many customers like Cochran coming in this season.

"It's been a bit slow so far this year. I think some of that is associated with the difficulties with the river and the highway was closed for two weeks up here," said Nelson.

MoDot was forced to shut down 61 at the end of May because water covered the road, making it unsafe for drivers.

That could be the case again with the threat of waters rising in the next week.

And with 4th of July one week away, Nelson is hoping his sales will pick up.

"Please don't close the road. I mean if they close the road it will hurt business dramatically, but time will tell. We just hope it doesn't close," said Nelson.

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