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Rural Liberty home considered total loss after Tuesday night fire


Liberty Fire Chief Don Loos says a rural home southeast of town is considered a total loss after a Tuesday night fire ripped through the building.

Crews from both Liberty and Payson responded to the call at about 10 p.m. When they arrived, the house was fully engulfed with flames, forcing them to shift their attention to the surrounding area.

"We concentrated our efforts keeping it from spreading to the wheat and the surrounding fields," said Loos. "It's not real dry but, it's a little dry and with wheat fields being harvested and that, it's always a concern."

Loos says the homeowner, Lance Higdon, was remodeling the two-story home for his daughter, who was going to move in this weekend.

"They came home from a ball game and thought they smelled smoke and went in and got her husband and they came out and by that time, flames were coming out of the windows," said Loos.

Firefighters continued working at the scene until about 3 a.m. The state fire marshall has ruled the fire as "undetermined."

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