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Breaking Ground: QU announces synthetic turf field will be ready for '13 season


QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) -- This past October Quincy University announced plans for the 'Legends Stadium' project, which entailed a complete renovation to the North Campus soccer facility in three phases.

On Wednesday morning the University announced that funding for the first phase of the project, the installation of a synthetic turf-field, is complete.

Not only is the money in place to begin the turf project, but construction will begin immediately, and is expected to be complete by the beginning of the soccer season this fall.

Quincy University men's soccer coach Mike Carpenter says the benefits and impact of the new turf will be a big boost to the programs.

"The players that we have will be able to develop and train on a consistent, clean surface every day, no matter rain, snow, whatever," Carpenter expressed.

"We won't have that variable to worry about and that's just  going to take a lot of pressure off of the coaching staff, and the players are going to enjoy it too."

In the past, both the men's and women's programs would have to change venues for games due to weather, and normally wouldn't even practice at the North Campus field.

Women's soccer head coach Dave Musso thinks the benefit of practicing and playing in the same location will be a big added bonus in preparation. 

"We always preach to our players that preparation and training is what wins championships," Musso told WGEM Sports.

"Now we're going to be able to train and prepare on the field that we actually play on."

The new installment will be named Jack Mackenzie Field in honor of the former head coach who stepped down in 2012, after winning nine National Championships.

Mackenzie left a legacy both on and off the sidelines, and the current leaders of Quincy University soccer agree that it's a perfect way to honor the Hall of Fame coach.

"He's a great mentor for so many people in so many generations," said Musso.

"Every time we step on the field, both men and women, we're playing for something more than just Quincy University."

"A goal that everybody had was that we wanted to recognize Jack for his years of service and all of the accomplishments," added Mike Carpenter.

"For a college soccer coach there's no better way to honor someone than to name a facility after him."

If you would like to learn more about the project, you can visit the web site

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