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MO drivers can soon toss the proof-of-insurance cards


Missouri lawmakers pushed through legislation that will have some Missourians reaching for their cell phones when they see the red and blue lights in their rearview mirror.

The law will give drivers the choice to show an insurance identification card in a paper or electronic format, like as on a smart phone or iPad.

Palmyra Farm Bureau Insurance Agent Nathan Miller says the apps will be helpful for folks who forget to keep that card in their glove box.

Miller says the online apps might be helpful for some drivers.

"People don't always remember to replace that thing every six months with current effective dates or they misplace it," said Miller.

But driver Stephenie Wiegand says it's more trouble than it's worth.

"Sometimes I don't carry my cell phone and then other times it doesn't work," said Wiegand. "And if it's in a dead zone, the app may not work. If it needs updated it won't work. So I'd rather carry paper."

Miller says he doesn't see the old fashioned thing making an exit any time soon.

"I don't see paper insurance cards ever going away, but the more people become comfortable using technology and smart phones and apps like that, the more prevalent it will be," said Miller.

Don't jump to toss your proof-of-insurance card just yet.

Many agents, including Miller, say their companies don't have the apps available although Miller says if there's a demand for it, he says the insurance companies will most likely make those apps available.

The law goes into effect until August 28th.

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