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School Supplies Hit Store Shelves


They're already hitting store shelves: School supplies.

But the latest backpack can get expensive when you fill it with the coolest markers, notebooks, folders, and other supplies your kids need - or want - to get.

That's why local mom April Moore says she does a little assessing before taking her soon-to-be seventh grader to stock up.

"I just look at it and see what we have at home," said Moore. "And then after that I go to the store and buy whatever we need."

Sixth grade teacher Laurie Stegeman is also a mom.  She says she keeps parent's budgets in mind when she makes out her list.

"Clorox wipes. Those are a necessary thing but we try to cut that down by having one half of the alphabet bring Clorox wipes and the other half bring something else that's needed," said Stegeman.

The National Retail Federation says that like Moore, parents are trimming back on their school supplies where they can.

It says about a quarter of them will ask their kids to reuse old items and many will shop for deals online.

"Now's a good time to start shopping but I like to do mine more towards school time because I feel like there are more sales," said Moore.

"I've always just sort of budgeted a little bit of money that I knew was going to have to be available in August or September," said Stegeman.

The National Retail Federation says coupons are one of the biggest ways parents will save this year. It says others will cut back on extracurricular activities.

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