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Concealed Carry and Neighborhood Watch in Illinois: What's the new law?


The George Zimmerman murder trial - and the not guilty verdict - has been on the minds of many here in Quincy. And with concealed carry becoming law in Illinois during the same week as the high profile verdict, many wonder what would the law be in Illinois?

Curt Kelty with the Quincy Police Department says that the police department will be doing their own training to prepare for the impact of concealed carry. He says the Neighborhood Watch groups in Quincy are operated independently, with the police acting as an advisory. And because of concealed carry, Kelty says - as long as they were following the law - a Neighborhood Watch volunteer, like any private citizen, could carry a weapon. He says he would advise the Neighborhood Watch to - instead - be a good reporter, and call police with details.

When it comes to firing a gun, Kelty says he believes part of a gun owner's 16 hours of required firearms training will include training on when to shoot or not to shoot an aggressor. He says - should a person decide to fire on someone - they would have to be able to describe in court why they felt that action was necessary.


We will have more on this story, including more neighborhood reaction, coming up tonight on WGEM News at Ten. 

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