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IL voter registration will go online


Right now to register to vote for Illinois, you have to fill out a paper form, but a new law is putting it online.

State Sen. Mike Frerichs (D-Champaign) says it will make it easier for older voters to participate in elections.

But local officials say it's the younger crowd that will benefit most.

Adams County Clerk Georgia Volm says while she thinks more people will register to vote, it's not going to have a huge effect on election day.

"It will increase voter registration and it will keep it more updated," said Volm. "But voter participation and registering to vote are two different things."

But, she says, it will help fix a problem for many voters.

"We have found in Adams County that the residents are registered to vote but they forget to change their address," said Volm. "And then when they go on election day to vote at a new polling place, they haven't changed it."

Volm says the system is something Illinois has been moving toward for some time now.

"Our state has been proactive with regard to this kind of initiative for many years and they've been building toward this with their statewide database," said Volm.

Secretary of State Jesse White says his office along with the State Board of Elections will verify the voter registration.

Gov. Pat Quinn signed the measure into law last week, making Illinois the 18th state to allow online registration.

Volm says the system should be up and running in July of 2014.

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