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QPS unveiling stricter discipline policies for K-6th graders


Student fights, disruptions in class, and even bomb threats are all problems the Quincy Public School district has dealt with in the last few years.

But, administrators say students will see a renewed crack-down when they head back to class in a few weeks.

When you show up to school registration in the next few weeks, every student will be getting a school handbook, and you might want to read it, because there are some significant changes when it comes to discipline.

WGEM caught up with QHS students at band camp Wednesday.

And for many students like Senior Gabrielle Green, who have gone all the way through the Quincy public school system, she's witnessed plenty of other students acting out over the years.

"Back talking, cussing teachers out which is totally disrespectful, and also not just being disrespectful to teachers but also being disrespectful to others, I really think that's an issue," said Green.

But, students who act like that will face stricter penalties this school year, especially younger students.

"For 4th, 5th, and 6th graders it's very important that we are still teaching correct behavior, so that's very important that we do that through our PBIS and we are still teaching kids, what is correct behavior," said Jason Fink, QPS Discipline Committee member and Baldwin North Principal.

Fink says K-6 students will see a new three tiered punishment system, setting new standards for detention and suspensions.

"Disrespect and classroom disruptions were two areas we wanted to make an emphasis on this year, and correcting those in the classroom," said Fink.

Students at band camp Wednesday, agree with the new changes, but they say handbooks alone won't change everyone.

"If there are stricter punishments it will sway some of those people who think that if they do it they can get away with it. But there are also going to be those that just don't care what punishment they get and they will keep acting out," said QHS Senior, Matthew Frankenhoff.

Quincy Junior High will still be sticking to the five tier punishment system they implemented last year.

The High School discipline system will also pretty much remain in tact.


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