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Keokuk family is gearing up to move into newest Habitat For Humanity home

Keokuk's newest Habitat For Humanity family is gearing up to move into their new home soon.

Right now, Cindy Heitman rents a two bedroom home with her husband and three young boys in Keokuk, and says they're starting to outgrow the space.

"They share a bedroom and so we're really crowded. Tripping over toys in the living room," said Heitman.

So, Heitman says when she heard the good news that her family was chosen to move into the next Habitat For Humanity home she couldn't be more thrilled.

Heitman says for her family, it's a necessary move.

"It's not so much always about financial, but sometimes it's your need and obviously we're very crowded in the two bedroom house that we're renting so we really needed the bigger house," said Heitman.

Volunteers like Ron Taylor have been working hard on the home for months and he says it should be ready by September.

This is the third Habitat home Taylor has been a part of in Keokuk and says he does it because he likes helping others in need.

"I like helping the community out and this was the town I was raised and born in and I love helping this town out, said Taylor.

Heitman says owning her own home will be another piece of the American Dream that she is striving for.

"I think everybody wants to own their own home and be able to raise their family in their own house and have it be their's," said Heitman.

Heitman says it will be a little surreal walking into their new home for the first time.

"I think I'm going to be overwhelmed. Probably emotional, but super excited," said Heitman.

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