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Business boom hitting Hannibal


Hannibal is really making strides when it comes to new business.

Just two years ago, some of Hannibal's strip malls sat emptier than usual, with barren storefronts and empty buildings.

But now Hannibal can expect to see several new businesses moving in.

Department of Public Works Management Assistant Tina Bartz says Hannibal is really springing forward.

She says the addition of these new businesses and the expansion of the Huck Finn Shopping Center mean only one thing for people who live in Hannibal.

"We'll have a lot more revenue for the city of Hannibal which also affects the employment rates so we'll have more jobs open for people that are looking for jobs. So it'll really help the community out," said Bartz.

Chamber Executive Director McKensie Disselhorst says it's going to make a noticeable change for anyone living or shopping in Hannibal

and will create a positive ripple effect in the economy.

"It leads to better schools, better roads, better parks," said Disselhorst. "Really a better quality of life for all of our residents when those dollars stay local."

Disselhorst says the chamber is excited about what's coming.

"To give our shoppers more selection," said Disselhorst. "And really boost the economy. Not only of the new stores but of our current businesses."

Dirt Cheap just opened up in the Huck Finn Shopping Center.

Some more businesses you can expect to see soon are CVS Pharmacy, a new Casey's, Rue 21, Goody's, and the expansion of the Steamboat Bend Shopping Center to make way for several new spaces. A micro brewery is going to be opening up downtown, which could spruce up Hannibal's night life after two bars have recently closed their doors.

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