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Health officials: Older kids swallowing magnets


Health officials are warning parents about the danger of their kids swallowing magnets, but the age group might surprise you.

The American College of Emergency Physicians says the number of cases involving kids ingesting magnets has quintupled in the last decade.

In fact, it says kids ingesting multiple magnets has more serious outcomes including emergency surgery.

Safe Kids Adams County's Jan Hummel says it's surprising that the kids swallowing magnets aren't toddlers.

"We used to think it was those little kids," said Hummel. "The infants and the toddlers that were attracted. But it seems that now these are older kids."

Hummel says these kids are in the five to ten-year-old age group.

The American College of Emergency Physicians says that in ten years, more than 22,0000 kids were injured from having magnets in their bodies.

Hummel says the problems aren't something to take lightly.

"This has the potential to create very very serious problems," said Hummel. "Either immediately in the case of choking or one to two days after ingestion where the magnets - especially if there's more than one - can come together and actually close off the intestines."

Hummel says officials suspect the kids aren't swallowing them on purpose.

"These kids are maybe putting magnets in their mouths, putting magnets in their noses to imitate piercings and things like that," said Hummel.

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