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Tech devices on the back-to-school list for many


The National Retail Federation says more than half of all American families will be getting some high-tech items for back-to-school this year.

For those families that found technology on their shopping list?

One of the more popular decisions was whether to choose a tablet or a laptop.

When it comes down to it, Craig Hall with Eagle Technologies in Quincy says one size doesn't necessarily fit all.

In fact, Hall says finding the right device takes a little research.

But he says it doesn't have to be an education in its own right.

He says it can be simple, even for less tech-savvy parents.

Hall says all you just have to ask.

"Checking with the curriculum of your school is as important as anything," said Hall."

So what if there is no specific requirement?

Hall says laptops and desktops are better for older kids, especially college-bound teens.

Experts say they're better for reports and presentations that might require video editing.

But Hall says to know which one to get, you need to look at your situation.

"If mobility is important to you and you need to be portable, that's going to be a laptop," said Hall. "But they're also things that can fall off of a desk or get pulled or fall off your lap and crash. They can be stolen."

And if your kid just needs the device to browse the Internet or play learning games, Hall says an e-reader or a tablet can be great for elementary kids.

They're smaller and lighter than laptops experts say they're great for surfing the Internet.

Hall says before you start shopping, check with the school and find out if it's using a particular operating system or device.

For instance, Mac or personal computer? Android tablet or iPad?

"It's important to be on the same page as the school you're attending," said Hall. "If you buy something that isn't accepted there or isn't in their curriculum plans, you may be working in the wrong direction."

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