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Gridiron Preview: Despite heavy losses Macomb is full speed ahead

Kelly Sears will enter his 17th year as head coach at Macomb following a (9-2) season in 2012. Kelly Sears will enter his 17th year as head coach at Macomb following a (9-2) season in 2012.

MACOMB, Il. (WGEM) -- There wasn't a school in Tri-State football that graduated more talent this past spring than the Macomb Bombers, who are coming off of a nine win season.

Along with losing a chunk of production off of his roster, Macomb head coach Kelly Sears is also dealing with less players on the gridiron.

"We only have about 35 kids, but I will tell you that our work ethic and our tempo, our kids really go hard," Sears told WGEM Sports.

Sears enters his 17th year as head coach in Macomb, and after a (9-2) season he has his work cut out for him.

The Bombers are without Division-I recruits in Nick Severs and Brett Taylor, along with a backfield that produced over 2,000 yards.

Even with the losses, his team isn't looking in the rear view mirror.

"First things first, we have to keep working hard," senior running back DJ Williams expressed.

"We've got a lot of support, and there's some people that doubt us right now, but we've just got to come out and do the best we can and I think we'll be fine."

"A lot of people are probably saying that it's going to be a rebuilding year for Macomb, but we've still got some kids that played on some pretty good football teams the last couple of years," Sears added.

"They want to take that and they want to go with it."

If anything, the Bombers are using what they learned in 2012 to push themselves harder.

"Last year we all saw those work horses work, and we know what it takes," said sophomore quarterback Jacob Poore.

"We saw those guys stepping up, and saw those guys go Division-1 and things like that. They know what it takes and they're going to try to be just like them."

Jacob Poore helped lead the Bombers to the playoffs last year as a freshman, and has made the transition from a learner to a leader.

"He's only a sophomore and the kids look up to him," said Sears.

"He ran a pretty good offense last year as a freshman and he's improved, and he's gotten stronger."

"Last year I was kind of quiet and trying to stay in my place because those guys were about four times bigger than me," Poore added.

"So this year I understand what needs to be done and I go out there and talk up guys. I'm more of a quite leader myself but when I get excited about stuff I started yelling around sometimes, but that's how it goes."

With an increasingly difficult schedule and new conference alignment, racking up some early wins could be crucial to landing a spot back in the playoffs.

"I've always been one the likes to play the best competition, that's what's going to make you better when you get into conference play," Sears expressed.

"This conference is going to be up for grabs and we just hope we can sneak in and knock a few teams off and have a lot of fun."

Macomb will kick of it's season Limestone, one of those new additions to the schedule, on August 30th.

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