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69th Montrose Watermelon Fest Honors Wood Sculpture


One small town had a lot of fun this weekend and also honored a special artist.

It was the 69th Annual Montrose Watermelon Fest. There was a parade, watermelon spitting contest and you guessed it a watermelon eating contest. On Friday they honored Al Moander for making this beautiful tree sculpture out of a 100 year old tree stump that was damaged last August. Moander said that this wasn't the original idea but it ended up being better than expected.

"When I started to carve the tree, we found out that due to some termite damage and decay, that it was kind of split into two thirds (good) one third (bad). I called Mary Sue (Chatfield) and I said look, it's either going to be firewood or you are going to have to trust me and she said go ahead and do what you think is right."

Moander said it was great to do something for the community and is humbled by the response of the community.

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