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QND students greeted with new lab on first day

Monday is the first day of school for students at Quincy Notre Dame. 
And if that's not something for students to get excited about, they might be a little more keen to the idea when they see their new lab.
But it doesn't really look a lot like a high school lab. 
For instance, there are no computers and no desks; It's set up more like a college lecture hall with multi-level seating and swing out chairs.
Senior Mitchell Johannes says he's excited about the room. 
He says it's going to acclimate him to the college atmosphere.

"It looks more like a college atmosphere type of room and the seating is so much greater," said Johannes. "I just feel like it's really going to enhance the learning process."

It's something Quincy Notre Dame Foundation Executive Director Kurt Stuckman says is the best way to teach students this day and age.

"The multi-media aspect, which we have had in the past," said Stuckman. "We've done some web-based things with NASA through our astronomy course and this really just gives us not only a collegiate feel, but just an opportunity to provide a good quality space to educate our students here at Quincy Notre Dame."

Since the students all use iPads, you won't see any computers in the lab. 
But rather, a projector. 
Something most of the classrooms have so that students can keep up with each other using Apple TV, which lets them share their screen with the class on the projector.

"It's going to set me into that college environment sooner than the first day of college so it's not so-so different the first day," said Johannes.

On the projector, officials say the classroom is open to the rest of the world, with options like more video conferencing with places the students may not be able to visit, like NASA. 
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