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How to help your child fight back-to-school anxiety


For many tri-state kids, the start of the school year is less than a day a way.

And for some kids that can bring with it some unwelcome anxiety.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America says one in eight students suffers from anxiety, and it can be made worse when they head back to school.

While local education experts say the back-to-school anxiety is normal, there are some things parents can do to help ease the transition of getting back in to the school routine.

"Familiarize the students with the school. Maybe just driving back and forth a few times so they know what it feels like to go to school. Setting up a visit beforehand with the teacher, so they know who the teacher is and they feel a little more familiar," said Kelly Diaz, Outreach Coordinator at Cheerful Home in Quincy.

Diaz says the biggest thing a parent can do is stress to the child that a little anxiety is normal, and other kids are probably feeling the same way.

But Diaz says if the anxiety continues or becomes bothersome, talking to your pediatrician could be the next step.

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