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Hannibal Public Schools enforcing tougher security measures


The Hannibal School District is making some security changes to start the school year.  The security isn't focused on students; it's geared towards people coming into school buildings during class. 

When you go into any school in the district, you will be asked a series of questions by staff members, such as why are you here and  who are you picking up? The school district is doing this after working with the Hannibal police department last year to find out how to make schools safer. Business Manager Rich Stilley said this is a way to keep track of everyone in the building at all times.  


"This is a matter of being able to tighten down what we've already done and look at a way to make our buildings safer," Stilley said. 

Stilley said the school district is also looking into the security of doors and how they can let people in with a key scan process.

There will be an evaluation process in about a month to see what else can be improved with security.  The first day of school in Hannibal is Thursday. 

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