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Historic Hannibal homes getting recognition


In downtown Hannibal, you may start seeing signs outside houses to show just how old the buildings are. 

It's an effort by the Central Park Neighborhood Association or CPNA to show just how historic the area is.  The year shows when the house was originally built.  CPNA official Bob Yapp said five signs have already been put up over the weekend and he has another 11 signs he's hoping to put up this week.  Yapp said this is a way to show people that there's more than just demolition going on in the area.

"Well I think a lot of times people drive through and say I wonder how old this house is and what have you and I think it adds a little ambiance to the signage so people have an idea of really how many pre-civil war houses there are in Hannibal," Yapp said.

Yapp believes there are close to one thousand homes that were built before the Civil War. 






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