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Hannibal neighborhood concerned about traffic issues on Pioneer Trail


One Hannibal neighborhood is fed up with drivers speeding and running stop signs in their neighborhood.

And now about a dozen residents living off Pioneer Trail in Hannibal have put together a petition to the city to get something done about it.

Residents here on Pioneer Trail say hundreds of cars pass through here a day as this street is a popular shortcut to get from Route MM to West Ely Street.

But residents tell WGEM many drivers have been ignoring stop signs, and flying through the intersection. And now they want city officials to fix the problem before something serious happens.

Paul Buckman is one of a handful of residents who says he sees upwards of 40 cars a day roll right through the intersection.

"They just come right on around and don't slow down, we've got little kids, I mean my grandson is here, they are playing out in the yard. If one of these cars come in the yard they're going to get hit. Somebody will get killed," said Buckman.

But Buckman says speeding is the real issue.

He says he's had to replace his mailbox four times after drivers lost control and hit it.

He says something needs to be done.

"If we had some police presence that would come out here on a occasion at least and stop some of this, it would probably slow a lot of things down," said Buckman.

City engineer Mark Rees sympathizes with residents and says the city will conduct a traffic survey in the area.

Rees says one possible solution is speed tables, something the city has used with success in other parts of town.

"It just helps folks realize that they need to be driving a little bit slower through these neighborhoods and also ensures that. Otherwise it's a rude awakening if you hit them too fast," said Rees.

Rees hopes to bring the issue to the traffic committee in the next 2-3 weeks and he says if speed tables are what the city decides to do, those could be installed as early as this fall.


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