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Working outdoors can be dangerous when temperatures reach the 90's


For those who have to work outside, keeping cool is a job in itself.

Local doctors are reporting an increase heat related illnesses over the past few days and most of the patients are construction workers.

As the sun beat down Tuesday and temperatures climbed into the upper 90's, MoDot crews were still out on the roads fixing pot holes.

Crew worker Bryan Phillips says it can be pretty rough working in the extreme heat.

"It's hot you know? It really is and we try our best not to kill ourselves when we're out here. It's a hot feeling. It really is. The sun is beating down on ya," said Phillips.

Crew leader Tony Morrall says he's seen the physical toll the heat can take.

"We've seen employees get wobbly on their feet because they are getting too hot.  Employees that are sweating and then you stop sweating. That's a sign that you need to get hydrated and get cooled off," said Morrall.

Morrall says on hot days like Tuesday, they have more workers out on each job to lighten the work load in the sweltering temperatures.

"You're not working quite as hard because when it's getting up into the upper 90's.  It can be miserable," said Morrall.

Morrall also reminds his crew to be more cautious and to take more breaks from the sun.

"The need to stay hydrated. You know keep an eye on yourself. Know your own body. Keep an eye on your fellow employees. Make sure everyone is doing good," said Morrall.

Phillips says he knows his limits and won't hesitate to get some relief from the sun if he needs it.

"We go sit in the air conditioning. We take a break. If that's what we need to do we do," said Phillips.

MoDot officials say they'll have a crew fixing pot holes early Wednesday on McMasters Avenue in Hannibal, starting around 5 a.m. in order to avoid the hottest parts of the day.


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