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High school athletes take precautions to beat the heat

HANNIBAL, Mo. (WGEM) -- This week's extreme heat has taken a toll on everyone, especially high school athletes.

Nearly every kickoff time for football games in Northeast Missouri was pushed back to 8 o'clock.  Including the season opener at Porter Stadium in Hannibal Friday night, where the Pirates took on Quincy Notre Dame.  Athletic trainers say they've been preparing the players all week long by keeping them well hydrated and taking plenty of breaks at practice.

Jay Zanger is a trainer for QND.  He says, "On the bus ride over they had extra water, Gatorade, we brought a couple extra water jugs.  If they're not drinking enough water it's your own fault but we're going to be going around reminding them if you're not thirsty you're drinking you're getting some water in you because when it hits you it's already too late."

Hannibal High School officials say they set up misting fans along the sidelines to help keep players cool.  As for the fans in the stands, part of the high school was open for a place to escape the heat during the game.

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