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Shoppers and store owners already gearing up for Christmas


We're 114 days away from Christmas, but believe it or not, retailer stores and shoppers are already getting into the Christmas Spirit.   According to the National Retail Federation, 40% of shoppers begin shopping for Christmas before Halloween. 

Inside Quincy Mall, you'll see people shopping for fall clothes or autumn themed candles... but shoppers like Jeanine Balzer say they're already for Christmas day to get the best deals.

"Just because of markdowns and clearance items I've been able to pick up. And some craft shows that I've been to. So I've picked up a few things there as well," Balzer said.  

But Balzer will be the first to admit, it takes a lot to get into the Christmas Spirit this early.  

"I think some people are annoyed by it to some extent, but it's the way it is so you deal with it," she said.  

Inside Domestics Etc., you'll see decorations for Halloween and fall flowers but in the back corner, you'll also see Christmas items.  Owner Joy Berhorst said if this wasn't something the customers wanted, it wouldn't be on display. 

"And probably for as many people that come in and go oh I don't even want summer to be over, you have about that many that say oh I'm so glad you have Christmas stuff out because I'm really wanting to do some early shopping," Berhorst said.  

Berhorst already has had about a dozen customers come on in and buy Christmas items.  She said one of her best sellers so far are inexpensive items.  She understands Christmas is a long ways away, but if customers want to see what's new, they can't afford to wait. 

"But it's just kind of giving them a taste test of what's going to be in this year. And that's what they want to see. If you want to know what's hot in Christmas now is the time when you want to go see what the new look is," she said.

Berhorst said she puts Christmas displays up after the 4th of July, and the Christmas season is the biggest time of the year. 

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