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Attendance down as Indian Mounds Pool closes for season


It's the unofficial end to summer.

As the holiday weekend ends and most of us prepare to go back to work, Quincy pools are now closed for the year.

And there are a lot of questions about the future.

Officials at Indian Mounds Pool say this was a pretty tough year for them as attendance numbers took a major hit again this year.

The days of jumping off the diving board, and rocketing down a water slide came to a close Monday for kids and their families at Quincy's Indian Mounds pool.

Only two dozen people came out for the last regular season day.

And Indian Mounds Manager Luke Simmons says, quieter days, like Monday, with the pool well below it's 337 person capacity limit, were seen more often than not.

"We had a few days where we actually had to hold people out of the pool until somebody left we were at capacity a few times, but then we've had days where there's been four kids in the pool," said Simmons.  

Pool regulars Penny Ludwig and Carol Hochgraber spent most of their summer at Indian Mounds, and say they were shocked at just how many people weren't at the pool.

"The attendance was low, it was sort of like we had the pool to ourselves," said Hochgraber. 

"They did lower the cost of the passes and the rates to get in, so I was really surprised they did have lower numbers this year," said Ludwig.

Simmons says attendance this year is well below last year.

He says the weather had a lot to do with it.

The colder days not only kept people out of the pool, but his staff out of work.

While Simmons says you can't always control the weather, staff at Indian Mounds will do everything in their power next summer to make sure people have a good time at the pool.

"We had some activities for kids in the water. We did a bunch of diving board contests, so just different games through out the day to try to get kids out here and having fun," said Simmons.

Simmons says work will begin next week draining the pool, and cleaning up the facility, in preparation for what he hopes is a better year for attendance, next year.

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