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Labor Day weekend gives major boost to marinas


The holiday weekend brought thousands of visitors to Mark Twain Lake in Northeast Missouri, but business owners say it's one of the few high points this summer.

Indian Creek Marina officials say they couldn't ask for a better weekend on Mark Twain Lake to finish up the last major holiday of the season, but the extreme ups and downs of this summer have put some added pressure on the Marina.

All around Mark Twain Lake, you can see people enjoying the final day of Labor Day Weekend.  Bruce Miller is one of them, getting his sailboat ready to take on the lake and said the weather had a big influence on him coming out.
"It's kind of spur of the moment but having a three day weekend and also having the opportunity to, you know with it being a little cooler today.  I had to trailer this thing here today then it takes about an hour to put the mast up," Miller said.  
Indian Creek Marina Dock Manager Trey Zeiger said the weather can make or break a big holiday. 
"Well obviously if it's raining no one wants to go out on the lake so it plays a huge roll in it and this Spring it did rain a lot and it kind of kept people away especially Memorial Day," he said. 
Water levels were 20 feet higher on Memorial Day than what they are now.  Monday, levels are five feet below normal and that's something sailors like Miller have to be cautious of.     
"Sailing is really good at that point because you have less things to hit and this draws about 5 feet so I'm one of those that have to be really cautious especially along the edges of hitting trees and things," Miller said. 
Zeiger said attendance has been slightly slower this year compared to last, but this weekend showed no signs of a slowdown.  
"It keeps things going here at the Marina.  It's been a slow summer, so this was a good way to end it," Zeiger said.

Zeiger said the Marina will continue to rent boats until the end of October, but he said business drops to a quarter of what it was over the summer after this weekend. 

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