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QPS inspecting school buildings as part of long range reorganization plan


The Quincy Public School District is gathering important information this week that could eventually change where your kids go to school.

It's part of the district's long-range plan to reorganize the district.

The district has put together an appraisal team that will be looking at every detail of each building.

The school board has long been considering putting K-6 graders in neighborhood schools, making the Junior High 7th and 8th grade and pushing high school to 9th through 12th grade.

QPS officials say touring these schools will give them a better idea of what to do in the future.

A special team made up of QPS administrators toured Berrian Elementary Wednesday.

One of their first stops out of 14 schools they'll be evaluating this week.

"Here's our gym-a-cafe-torium. We use it for everything. It's our auditorium, it's our gym, it's our cafeteria," said  Berrian Principal, Chrissy Cox, who lead the tour of her building, pointing out some of it's flaws along the way.

"Our music room is quite small, it's a windowless room, our speech room is really a closet, so we have a lot of tight spaces, our classrooms are actually quite large but some of those additional space are pretty small," said Cox.

It's that kind of information the facility appraisal team wants to hear about.

Business Manager Joel Murphy says the team gives each school an overall score based on six categories:

  • Educational Adequacy
  • Environment for Education
  • School Location
  • Building Safety and Security
  • Structural Condition and Electrical/Mechanical Systems
  • Plant Maintainability

"We can be able to use that to say if we are going to keep this building, or what would it take to kind of look at it and maintain this building, what things might have to be done differently if we want to expand the building," said Murphy.

Murphy says once the group finishes touring schools Friday, the scores will be tallied and will serve as a key determining factor in laying the groundwork, for what could change the entire look of the Quincy Public school district.

"We want to make sure we've done our homework, that we've looked at everything, and we utilize this information as we develop plans for the future," said Murphy.

Murphy says a plan based on information gathered this week, will be presented to the school board on September 25th.

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